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Swingers clubs all around the world are 99.9% safe as long as you and your partner play by their rules.

Club members are not required to participate in any sexual activities or other club’s activities if they do not wish to. If sexual activities are called upon, all legal swinger clubs have a rule about protective sex such as the use of a condom. It is always encourage to be used by its member when penetrative sex takes place.

Studies conducted by various swingers’ organization shows that swinger's clubs and private parties are not high risk areas for AIDS and a wide range of STD's. The main reason being is that those who swing are responsible middle-class couples who are usually married, and are in the mid-age group. Therefore, they are considered in the low risk group for having STD's transmission and AIDS.

Another safely aspects of clubs is that they also ensures that privacy of all its swinging members. In order to become a member of a club, each applicant must go through a strict screening by its staffs.

By doing so, it allows swinger's club to offers couples or female guests the security and privacy within the club.

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